Dudley had a special way of putting things. These are Dudleyizms. Share’em if you got’em.

11 thoughts on “Dudleyizms”

  1. Dudley blew back into Page and we went to Wahweep Bar. I told him I didn’t drink anymore and was going to A.A. He replied that he wouldn’t be a member of any organization that would allow him to be a member. I saw the perfect logic in that and we proceeded to get hammered.

  2. come late, you´re fired. fuck up, you´re dead (employment rules for helicopter pilots)
    – amazing one liner, he told me on the road trip in baja california.

    1. That line was also a lyric in one of his songs. Then the client meets him and says: “You had better be Dudley Do-Right—IN THE FLESH”. The first bladder cancer operation had left a large scar near his belly-button. Thereafter, he would always pull his shirt high up on his chest while saying that line, for all to see his fleshy scar.

  3. Dudley-defines-and translations

    1. An alcoholic beverage usually made from malted cereal grain (as barley), flavored with hops, and brewed by slow fermentation.
    2. Beer

    1. A slender roll of cut tobacco enclosed in paper and meant to be smoked; also : a similar roll of another substance*
    2. A cigarette

    *A joint

  4. ‘Mug-Up’

    This is what Dudley called early morning pre-flight meetings in Alaska.
    Morning Mug-ups are official meetings that are scheduled so damn early that everyone in attendance has a mug of hot coffee in hand.

  5. One of the classic Dudley sayings…
    “No knowledge of knowage.” It was his clever way of saying he had no idea and he wasn’t ashamed to admit it. He always told me that if you don’t know something, either learn or admit you don’t, but never pretend you do.

  6. White Knuckle Experience. Richard and I were passengers with Dudley in his mobile home driving back from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe on a windy mountain highway. His driving was erratic and he was all over the two lane road. With terror and white knuckles I told Dudley he was scaring me and would he like me to drive at which he replied, “I’m scared too… yeah I want you to drive”. “Whew”, I replied as he pulled over.

  7. ‘cueknowledgey of ‘cueology
    —Anything related to barbecue came with the expression.
    and he always used special barbecue sauce recipe he learned from Joe Bernhard simply called: ‘bungaul’

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