5 thoughts on “Dudley: HAI Show, 2001”

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  2. Dudley and I were at the hotel lobby bar that night. He did a stand-up musical comedy routine including Jim Morrison, Mick Jager and had the whole bar hooting, hollering and applauding… great stuff. I told him he should be doing stand up……

      1. Hello Wesley

        This is Andy Makar.
        I was in Guyana with Dudley and Dave Fahrenkamp . I was out in Turtle Creek Guyana overseeing the gold operation. Dave had a friend who’s son thought it would be a great idea to have a
        Guyana jungle adventure. I remember that brave young man often. The last time I saw him was early one morning when he made his escape down a dark jungle trail. I told him that when he made it to Matthews Ridge he needed to get help from the Sisters at the local church. He needed to catch a flight back to Georgetown were Dudley and Dave rented a house.
        My memory is a little foggy after all these years. The name Wesley sounds familiar.
        Was that young man you?
        Andy Makar

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