Tribute To My Friend

Last night I was thinking of Dudley since we hadn’t spoken in some time and having changed my cell phone I realized Dudley might not have my number. While sitting on the couch I picked up my computer and typed Dudley Gaylord HaleTucson AZ in to google search bar. I was crushed to hear of Dudley’s passing but overwhelmed and happy to see this web site. Dudley would have want us to celebrate his life and boy did he live life. My wife Julia and I have some funny stories and fond memories of adventures with Dudley. I still have to laugh about our whale watching trip off the WA coast, that trip was so crazy and I laughed so hard my ribs hurt for days. I still bust up just talking about it with my wife and friends, WOW!

dudley and the one skid toe inDudley will be missed by those who flew with him in the mountains of Wyoming in the “80s – “90s. I had the privilege of spending countless hours with Dudley, flying copilot, listening to his music, staying up all night talking and having the time of our lives. I was able to document our adventures with 1000’s of photos from the seismic lines of the Rockies to the red cliffs of Lake Powell. Not only did we discover never before seen Anasazi cliff dwellings in the Escalante Canyon and Lake Powell but we also got to enjoy the mountains of the Wyoming from the Bridger National Forest to Teton Range around Jackson Hole and Yellowstone Park. We got to explore the Over Thrust Region of the Rockies in search of oil using helicopters, the best pilots back from Vietnam, free spirited juggies from around the country and all our friends, what an adventure we had. dudley bomb runCan you imagine pilots fresh out of Vietnam with new Helicopters, unlimited jet fuel, dedicated mechanics, very little supervision, dynamite, prima cord, crazy jug cats and some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Many days as we climbed out of the helicopters, looked at where we were, what we were doing and who we were doing this with, we knew how special this time was and we always said “Hell I would do this for free and their paying us”, unreal.

Dudley was a great pilot, a dear friend and a fantastic musician. His musical tribute to the seismic worker lives on like my favorite “Sweet Jugging Gypsey” are legendary. Dudley’s visits to the Juggie Convention in Alpine Wyoming on July 4th were memorable, wild and crazy times full of amazing times, even his last visit in his motor home.

dudley, todd and julia - tower butte, page azI would like to put together a section of his years flying seismic and flying in Page AZ. I have some fantastic photos and classic Dudley stories. I was the person who took the photo of Dudley flying over Lake Powell from the inside jacket of his book (which I see posted on this web site – I love that photo). I have many more where those came from.

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