Desert Hot Springs 2005

Hale, Dudley - 2004Dudley stopped by to see my in Rialto, CA on his way to a solo trip to Desert Hot Springs. He had his first stroke while soaking there and drove all the way home with partial paralysis – stubborn guy?! 🙂

One thought on “Desert Hot Springs 2005”

  1. Mr. Hale was my Airframe and PowerPlant instructor in Arlington, Tx back in 1992/1995 He was a great guy, he loved his red Volkswagen Jetta I think it was an refused to use A/C in 102 degree heat…… helped me in welding mig,tight etc….
    Dudley offered to buy my class project which was a pig BBQ grill it smoked out its nose as fire came out its rear end so I made him a deal ….let us out of class the following Friday and it was his…..
    He agreed and just loved cooking on my pig grill.
    One helluva guy he’ll be missed greatly.
    Dave Gonzales
    Grand Prairie, TX

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