Baja or Bust

In 2005 we took vacation down to Mexico in Dudley’s beat up RV. Every time Dudley is on camera he steals the show—imagine that.\r\n\r\n

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


One thought on “Baja or Bust”

  1. Best buddies since sharing our first ‘doob’ in flight school. Through good times and bad Dudley was always a true friend. Spent memorable evenings in Quang Tri Province listening to guitar man Dudley hammer out a spontaneous rendition of a whatever the hell caught his attention on that particular day. \r\nRemember parts of our psychedelic home coming in the late 60s that stretched somewhere into the mid 70s, with lingering flashbacks up into the 80s. \r\nDon’t know if we ever caught up with the flower children, but gave it our best shot.\r\nMany nights around a bond-fire behind the old log cabin, sharing a smoke with pals whose friendship extended beyond the Vietnam experience.\r\nRemember working with him at Grand Rapids Helicopters, giving rides, frost control, air taxi for local mafia ‘dignitaries’. One time he got a wad of cash and bought some east coast designer business clothes. A few months later the cash dried up, his threads were falling apart, and the soles of his designer shoes were\r\ncoming off . Not a problem for him. We printed up some Grand Rapids Helicopter T-shirts with a heli . logo & the new motto “hang in there”.\r\nAlways loved my buddies good nature and ‘go for it’ attitude. Got to smile every time I think about him.

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