March 25, 2012

Dudley Gaylord Hale passed away on March 25th, 2012 at 6:00 AM. He died at his home in Tucson, Arizona surrounded by loved ones. He mattered because he was loved—and he mattered to the last moment of his life.

3 thoughts on “March 25, 2012”

  1. I was blessed to be able to spend the last few days of Dudleys life with him and his family. He was a neighbor, we went to High School together,we are both Vietnam Veterans,and most of all we were friends for over 40yrs. You will always be in my thoughts although you are now at peace and in no more pain yes you are gone but you will never ever be forgotten. I love you man! Jim Thompson

  2. lieber baden …. es tut mir sehr leid diese traurige nachricht heute zu erfahren.\r\nich habe leider deinen vater nicht persönlich gekannt … wußste aber das er ein verrückter hund war …… \r\nlass uns mal einen dudley hale abend starten mit filmen und bildern …. und diesen so genialen geschichten über deinen vater ….. \r\n\r\nlg guido & jörg

  3. The Vietnam Veterans of America have lost another warrior, one of the best. \r\nA Cobra pilot has fallen to Agent Orange and all of its unspeakable manifestations.\r\nIt was hard to watch the shine fade from his golden armor, the energy missing in his kick-ass songs. God bless those who tended to him in my absence, I thank you.\r\nDudley leaves a family in grief, but calmed with the knowledge that he is at rest.\r\n\r\nCompany, Attention: Order Arms!\r\n\r\nDudley Hale will be missed.

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