Flat Top Mountain, Lake Powell

Over Dudley's shoulder in the background is Flattop Mountain which we landed on in the helicopter
Dudley flying up to Flattop Mountain
On top of Flattop Mountain
Dudley and Stafford on Flat Top Mountain, Lake Powell

Dudley flying us to the Top of Flattop mountain. We were the 62nd and 63rd people to have ever landed up there. Not sure if it was legal. Dudley in his mickey mouse tee, shorty shorts and tevas. Official pilots attire.

2 thoughts on “Flat Top Mountain, Lake Powell”

  1. Thank you for clarifying for some of us old Lake Powell people, John, that that is Tower Butte pictured! Just about a 5 minute flight from the airport in Page, AZ…..you didn’t mention people hitting golf balls off the top of it at your party, so that must have been another one!

    Dudley arrived in Page in June 1983 to fly the white Hughes 500 for Lake Powell Air Service….the first year the lake was considered to be full pool. So full, in fact, that 15 foot extensions had to be added to the spillway tunnels at the dam. He brought many stories of his life’s adventures, flying or otherwise, all told in his own unique way. Come to think of it, he probably coined it Flat Top Mtn. himself.

    Rest in Peace to our good friend.

  2. The Flat Top mountain is actually called Tower Butte. Dudley kept a log for people to sign in up there (I wonder if it is still there?). He flew several of us up there for my birthday one year. He had a cooler of beer (for passengers), croisants, and we had a great time. The rest of the day was spent on the lake and at Linda and Dudley’s place on 8th ave. Late that night, Dudley “long lined” me around town in a shopping cart behind a car. His skill at long lining a shopping cart was as good as his long lining a 12 and 24 into a tight LZ.

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